This website is devoted to the self-care of social workers and similar helping professionals. As companions to our book, Self-Care in Social Work: A Guide for Practitioners, Supervisors, and Administrators, we offer worksheets, assessment tools, and links to additional websites that we have found helpful. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for creating an active and evolving online community. Learn More

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Social workers encounter a number of unique forms of occupational stress on a daily basis. The more thoroughly they understand the stressors they face, the better-prepared social workers will be able to manage them successfully. Self-Care in Social Work is a guide to promote effective self-care tailored to the needs of social workers, including both individual and organizational approaches.

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“I am working in a community mental health agency and I am on the DBT team, as well as IDDT (Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment) team. I’ve taken a LOA due to stressors at work, which include high caseload, minimal effective supervision, and feeling powerless over all aspects of my job. I am working on my own recovery, as I’m currently meeting with a therapist to treat PTSD. She initially treated me for vicarious or secondary re-traumatization, and I’ve been addressing my own past traumas. I’m uncertain of the best approach to take when I return, which will be in the next several weeks, as I’m aware I will not be able to return to the same situation. Any suggestions would be most helpful to me. Thank you. Betsy LMSW”

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