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Helping a Child Heal

As a worker, you come across many stressful situations in the field. I have been threatened and cursed at many times. However, for me the most stressful situation was having to tell two siblings ages 3 and 5 that their aunt who had been their placement for the last two years was not going to […]

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Social Work is Difficult

Social work has got to be one of the harder jobs out there. Without much compensation, and reward for all of that hard work, sometimes it seems harder that necessary and almost pointless at times. That is why self-care becomes so important. Self-care comes in so many different forms. Sometimes we are doing it and […]

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Betsy Wants Your Advice!

I am working in a community mental health agency and I am on the DBT team, as well as IDDT (Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment) team. I’ve taken a LOA due to stressors at work, which include high caseload, minimal effective supervision, and feeling powerless over all aspects of my job. I am working on my […]

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Detaining Is Never Fun

One situation in particular that stands out in my mind is a case with a family that was in Family Maintenance for one year. The mother had been to an inpatient drug rehabilitation center and two sober living environments that the county funded. During her time with Children’s Services, she relapsed twice with methamphetamine, however […]

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He Verbally Assaulted Me

I received my first case as a child protective services intern in the Family Reunification unit. I needed to call a father to arrange for supervised visits between he and his child. The father had been recently released from jail. I had to explain to him the reason visits had to be supervised: no visits […]

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